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Improve the reach of your book by making it available in French. Ghost Authors translates any book into French from any possible language.

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Ghost Authors have been serving the writing industry with exceptional services over a decade and have served all the top names. Ghost Authors have always brought forward everything that our customers and clients look for, because our primary goal is customer satisfaction at all costs. Keeping the interest of audiences in measure, Ghost Authors offer a brand-new English book translation into French service. Now you can hire the best French linguists who understand the dynamics of translating books from English or any language to French in a way like never before.

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Our expert Ghost Authors specialize in delivering the best to clients and customers in every possible way. If you wish to get any book translated or any piece of writing translated into French in a way that it neither loses its essence nor flow, then hire the best book translation agency that is Ghost Authors. We offer a broad spectrum of book translation services at the most reasonable cost, we also ensure prompt and swift deliveries too. Speak to our expert book translation dedicated team and get your project started.

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If you wish to get any book translated into French, then hire the best book translation agency now!



Signup by following easy to follow steps. Our dedicated teams assist you throughout the registration process till the initial draft stage. We make sure that your every query and concern is facilitated in the most efficient and professional way possible.



Once you register yourself with Ghost Authors, we gather all the requirements in this stage. This initial draft is one of the most crucial stages where we connect you with our best book translation team at Ghost Authors.


Revisions & Editing

Once the book is translated into French, we deliver it to the client for a review in order to ensure client satisfaction at max. Our focus is always on delivering the premium quality content along with client satisfaction at max.



In this stage, we deliver you the translated book in French. This step also involves book marketing, publishing, formatting, and book cover design. The teams make sure that we meet the deadlines along with your expectations.

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